Horse is the most beautiful of investments

My name is Gina Low and this blog is dedicated to everything hors.

If you decided to buy a horse and devote your free time to horseback riding, here are some tips to make the right decision. When deciding to buy a horse you should have in mind some basic facts:

* What kind of horse to buy

* Place for horse

* Facilities for riding

The selection of horses is extremely important. It depends on whether and how well you can ride and for what purpose you want to buy a horse.If you are a beginner it is recommended to finish a horse riding school in one of available equestrian centers,before purchasing of horse.

If you do not have your barn, it is necessary to place the horse in equestrian center.

According to one study, the average cost for a year to maintain the horse is about 3,876 usd, where about 1000 usd or more forfood, fees for veterinarian around 485 usd. Boarding fees vary from 300 to 350 usd.

This can be seen as a large amount of money at the beginning, but joy when you own a horse can not be measured with anything.

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